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How To Get The Right Slip For Your Wedding Dress

24 September 2020, by Lucinda Derrick

The lower body to kind of give her some shaping and then it flares at the knee. For some drama just wear your dress does. So if you're wearing an a-line or ballgown style wedding dress, you'll likely want to try on an a-line or ball gown style petticoat.
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Wedding Dresses

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Wedding Dresses Empire Waist Dress Shapes

06 November 2020, by Huw Mahoney

This empire waist dress is also a sheath dress meaning it fits closer to the body. Girls that are petite often do well in empire waist because it elongates their torso and doesn't make them look quite as short. A girl with a slimmer figure also looks well in an empire waist because with the movement of the dress, it ...
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Wedding Dresses Princess Cut Dress Shapes

20 August 2020, by Zacharia Connelly

Today we're discussing some different shapes and styles of wedding dresses. This is a princess cut. As you can tell, it is very similar to an a-line shape where it is fitted and then flairs through the hips and throughout the rest of the dress. This dress is flattering to many figures and shapes.
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Tips For Bridesmaids Dresses Wedding Fashion

11 November 2020, by Saniya Jenkins

The third thing is to think about whether you'd like your entire bridal party in the same dress, or your maid of honor in one dress and your other maids and a different or everyone can choose their own those are our tips for bridesmaids dress shopping.
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Wedding Dresses How To Understand Use Dress Terms

19 August 2020, by Laaibah Flynn

Today, I'd like to help you learn how to understand and use different bridal terms. Often a bride comes in and is a little overwhelmed with all of the language that is used in the bridal industry. Some of the simple language and terms that you will want to be familiar with is the shape of dress that you are trying to...
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Wedding Dresses Suitable For Triangle Shaped

24 October 2020, by Manisha Long

The styles that are going to make you look tall and slender. They'll be larger on top with broad shoulders and a wide back. They will have slim hips slimmer than your shoulder. They might have a flat perhaps shapeless bottom. They also may have a tendency to put weight on to the tummy and upper body but they will hav...
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Empire Bridal Dress

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Purple Wedding Dress

13 December 2020, by Sumayyah Easton

Across with pretty embroidery the same as the best with the pretty crystals. Now the skirt has really beautiful pickups along the entire front, and then at the very bottom it has really pretty black organza peeking through.
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Plus Size Wedding Dress

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What Is An Empire Waist Dress Fashion Color Style Tips

01 December 2020, by Annabel Ford

Actually started back in the Roman and Grecian times, when women would wear a belt right underneath their dresses. So that's where it comes from.
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Fashion Color

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Wedding Dress Of The Week Jessica Morgan

30 November 2020, by Phoebe Squires

It's time for our dress  of the week. This is Jessica Morgan's Misty  dress. It is so pretty. It's really light,   has gold threading throughout perfect for an  autumn wedding. Has a high neck with the illusion,   pretty strap.
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Bridal Gown

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How To Pick Wedding Dress That Suits Your Shape

11 November 2020, by Eshal Montes

Step 2, dress shapes. There are six basic traditional wedding dress shapes. Sheath dresses are simple clothes fitting and usually unstructured. Most come in soft flowing fabrics, like georgette and crepe. These are definitely best for tall slim brides.
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Wedding Outfit

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Top Wedding Trends For Advice From Industry Experts Pink Book Weddings

20 December 2020, by May Richmond

So lighting is very important, it's more cost effective than let's say flowers hanging from the roof and it's something that makes the venue look completely different.
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Wedding Ideas

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How To Tie Formal Ascot Wedding Cravat For Proper Traditional Morning Wear

22 January 2021, by Shannen Morin

Of course, if you decide to go with a formal ascot you always want to go with a detachable winged collar and not with a turndown collar. It would simply look odd. Alright, here's how you tie the formal Ascot the more popular way. First, find the label in the middle of the formal ascot and place it firmly against the ...
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Royal Ascot

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